Tesco member update – Tuesday, 29th March 2016

Based on reports received today (Tuesday, 29th March 2016) it would appear that pre 1996 union members in Tesco Ireland are being approached by management wanting to know whether they would accept a revised redundancy package or a compulsory buy out of their terms and conditions of employment.

Even though these crucial issues have been central to negotiations with the company over the past number of weeks the current offer has never been formally tabled to your union by management. Regardless of these latest developments the number one priority for your union negotiating team has always been to ensure that whatever offer is made can only be considered on a purely voluntary basis and that the members affected have the right to retain their current terms and conditions if they so desire. This is and remains a fundamental demand and one which must be supported for obvious reasons by all union members both now and into the future.

Following proactive negotiations by your union last Thursday a decision was made to pay the 1.5% variable share bonus for 2015. Based on the announcement made by the company on Friday, a deliberate attempt was made to blatantly ignore your union’s involvement in securing this payment. It is clear at this stage that management have no desire to engage in either good faith or meaningful negotiations with your union. However, it is equally obvious that we only make progress when all members show an absolute determination to stick together.

Make no mistake about it, the developments announced last Friday and today have only come about following the decision to commence a national ballot for industrial action in pursuit of the full implementation of the recently released Labour Court recommendation and the stance taken by your pre 96 fellow union members not to have their livelihoods savagely destroyed by their employer.

Slowly but surely we are winning our demands. By maintaining solidarity amongst all union members employed in Tesco Ireland we will achieve total victory. More importantly, we will send a strong message to management that neither now or in the future this behaviour and bullish tactics, which are designed to erode your terms and conditions of employment without agreement, will not be tolerated by a unified union membership.

In fact, your union sees the future for Tesco members as being centred around growth and this will be evident in the pay claim for 2016 which we about to serve on Tesco Ireland in the coming days.


Gerry Light

Mandate Assistant General Secretary


  • Dolores Cunningham

    Be certain that we would not have received our pay rise or bonus without union action. If we negotiate without our union we will see our terms and conditions reduced in the future.


  • Well done mandate , Tesco workers stick together, reject everything they put to us we need strike to put manners on them.


  • Divide and conquer tactics!
    Might work on some…


  • michael donohoe



  • Gerry Mc Dermott

    Excellent piece and so right on all matters.Marching on together.


  • Fred here
    I feel this is the last stand for the staff of Tesco .if Tesco get away
    With this we will walked on and bullied .and the post 1996 will be treated the same way.and the union will lose its strength and might as well lie down as well and be laughed at Tesco head


  • Margaret o, Dowd

    Thankyou very much for keeping me informed with new information about my employment and can I ask you could you send me regular emails please as I don’t have a smartphone and I can’t get into the links sent me by text l would be very grateful for this with thanks Margaret o, Dowd


  • George R Shannan

    The disturbing thing about this announcement is the liberal use of ‘union members’, wouldnt it serve you better to encourage new members to use the phrase collegues?


  • Does this mean that all pre 1996 union staff will be either offered redundancy or asked to come out of their present terms and conditions contract eventually.


  • Thank you for the up date .heard there were two texts sent out I only got one


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