It has come to your union’s attention that Tesco management are engaging in intensive store meetings with staff in a deliberate attempt to confuse and misinform workers in order to influence the outcome of the national ballot which is about to start. Therefore, it is important to deal with some of the smokescreen issues which are being raised by the store managers at the meetings with staff. The company’s position (Tesco) is outlined in bold with your Union’s response (Mandate) is directly below it.

(Tesco) “You should not vote in favour of industrial action as the dispute has nothing to do with post 1996 staff who have now received all that is due from the Labour Court recommendation.” 

(Mandate) Tesco management are attempting to establish the practice of forcing drastic changes to workers’ terms and conditions of employment without their agreement. If you allow this then no employee’s contract of employment is safe going forward. It may be some of your colleagues today but it could well be you tomorrow. This is why all members should stick together and not allow themselves be divided.

(Tesco) “Voting to support your fellow union members is foolish as most of them are only trying to enhance their redundancy packages and consequently will leave the company soon.”

(Mandate) Tesco are attempting to deflect staff away from the real issue. The issue is not about the terms of a redundancy package, don’t be fooled. Tesco’s plan is to forcibly change the contracts of employment of some staff. If certain staff want to leave the company on the terms of a package not negotiated with their union that is a matter for them, we want to protect terms and conditions and give staff a range of options in circumstances where the company wants to introduce change.

(Tesco) “The union did nothing to achieve the 2% pay increase and 1.5% share bonus for post 2006 staff.”

(Mandate) In suggesting this management runs the real risk of insulting the intelligence of their staff. In 2015 the company claimed it could not afford a pay increase or to pay the share bonus scheme. Be under no illusion that Tesco would have stuck with their original position of non-payment only for the indisputable fact that all union members were united in bringing a claim to the Labour Court which was emphatically won. It is vital the terms of the Recommendation are paid to all staff, we cannot allow the company take a selective approach to applying the terms of the Labour Court recommendation, as this would set a very dangerous precedent for the future.

(Tesco) “If you vote yes for industrial action stores will close and jobs will be lost.”

(Mandate) This is a standard threat used by employers when they are faced with the possibility of industrial action and another smokescreen by Tesco. Like any other business Tesco Ireland does not close profitable stores and a decision to close a store is usually based on a longer term assessment with many other factors being taken into consideration.  

(Tesco) “If the pre 96 issue is sorted the company will not come after other terms and conditions of employment.”

(Mandate) This commitment can only be judged based on the degree of trust a worker has in their employer, particularly given the behaviour of Tesco management in recent months. At this stage everybody accepts that the agenda of Tesco Ireland is to cut costs in order to protect the substantial profits they make in this country. What is so unfair and unacceptable is that they are attempting to achieve these savings by savagely attacking the earnings of their workers and there is nothing in their recent behaviour to suggest that if they can do this without the agreement of the workers concerned they will attempt it again in the future.

(Tesco) “You cannot trust the Union.”

(Mandate) You and your fellow colleagues ARE the union and collectively Mandate Trade Union has a sole purpose which is to serve the interests of its members both now and in the future. How well your union has carried out this objective over recent months is there to be seen by anybody who seeks to make such an assessment through an objective and fair evaluation. On the other hand, Tesco’s main purpose is to return increased profits which have in recent times been dented by bad senior management decisions here in Ireland and all over the world. Based on these competing objectives and the recent unacceptable behaviour of management a worker in Tesco Ireland will not be easily fooled by misinformation from the company who will do anything they can to confuse, scare and intimidate you into voting against your best interests and the interests of your fellow members. As part of a strong collective you can fight against the greed and unfairness that has been witnessed in recent months from Tesco. Together we can win.


Given what has been won by a unified union membership in recent weeks, now is not the time to allow your employer to divide you and your fellow members, do not be fooled by the company’s attempts to deflect you from the real issue, which is forcing through changes to staffs terms and conditions. When the current dispute is over, your union intends to aggressively pursue a pay claim which prioritises the needs of all members. In fact, the claim has already been served on your employer. The best way of achieving this type of progress is for all union members to participate in the upcoming national ballot and voting in such a way that leaves Tesco Ireland in no doubt that you and your fellow union members will stand together determined to protect and grow your terms and conditions of employment both now and into the future.


  • Yeah I was talked to one on one by my store manager on all these points. Desperation by the look of things.


    • Don’t go in to an one on one by your store manager mack sher you have your union representative with
      You in the room and stick together and don’t surendr to Tesco


    • i have been on long term illness from sept 2014 where do I stand I am on waiting list for op on my back disk and then its back to work about 6 after op where do I stand started work with company in june 1991.

      On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 6:10 PM, Tesco Workers Together wrote:

      > Tommy commented: “Vote NO” >


    • Tesco are only waiting to get rid of pre 96 staff then they will hit the nxt group stand together and beat this vote yes we will win


  • We must stand together as one
    It’s a simple case of divide and concor…………one out all out 🇨🇮


  • Hi you need to get all people in to mandate offices asp to ballot

    Thanks a lot

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  • Khan muhammad mamun

    We should all be United to protect our rights of colleges. Support for yes.


  • I totally agree with the union and fully intend to support my colleagues no matter what the outcome hopefully it will be a successful one and we can all go back to doing our work without worry and stress


  • Thanks so much for all your doing, i believe in what your saying 100%. We should stay together. And not let tesco get what they want, Greed. Thanks again to the Mandate Union.

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  • stand shoulder to shoulder.


  • I am out on sick leave can i still go and vote????


  • Fair play to Mandate all members need to stand together as the old saying goes ” The Workers United will never be Defeated”


  • Kaycjo Enforcer

    Every employee should put in for an individual grievance re non payment of wage rise and bonus from 2015 and clog their system up.


  • wish we had a union like mandate in England, the ‘Partnership’ between USDAW and TESCO means that we have to fight even those who we pay to protect us, here it is not TESCO that uses propaganda tactics, they do not need to, our own union USDAW does that for them WE NEVER GET A BALLOT, NEVER GO DOWN THE PARTNERSHIP ROUTE ESPECIALLY WITH TESCO. EVEN WHEN TESCO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR FRIEND THEY WILL TRY THEIR BEST TO ‘TEAR YOU APART’.


  • Tesco employees – all of you have a very important decision to make. Before you cast your ballot, consider the following FACTS;
    FACT 1: Tesco is in fact a very profitable company. OPERATING PROFITS – earned from your hard work – runs into billions. Losses have been incurred by YOUR MANAGEMENT’S poor decision-making (see FACT 2)
    FACT 2: YOUR MANAGEMENT bought up large areas of land at boom-time prices to prevent its competitors building stores in the same area. This land is now worth considerably less, and as a result THEY can claim Tesco is unprofitable.
    FACT 3: Eight members of YOUR MANAGEMENT, including the CEO, were sacked for fraudulent accounting. Due to their actions, your parent company is being investigated by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office and Financial Reporting Council. Tesco has also “seriously breached a legally-binding code to protect suppliers” according the Groceries Code Adjudicator – it been screwing its suppliers for years, now it is screwing YOU. Can you seriously trust a word which management tell you?
    FACT 4: After its previous CEO was sacked for serious financial misconduct (FACT 3), its new CEO was awarded a £4 million STERLING signing-on fee, a basic salary of £1.25 million STERLING per year plus share bonuses also worth millions. COMPARE THAT TO YOUR OWN SALARY!!!!!!
    FACT 5: Tesco only begrudgingly pays its employees any pay increases or bonuses unless it is dragged kicking and screaming through the Labour Relations Commission. (Compare this to FACT 4).
    FACT 6: Your annual bonus has NOT been re-instated. Your 2015 bonus is in fact being paid 12 months late as a one-off payment to “bribe” you to vote NO to industrial action.
    FACT 7: IT is blatantly obvious that management targets its employees one contract at a time – DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Who is next in the firing line? UNITED YOU WIN, DIVIDED YOU LOSE.


  • Why wait to be the next group tesco try to hit with wage cuts stop tesco at the first hurdle don’t let them win


  • Tommy stick together and do surrender to Tesco you will be ok and vote yes


  • dont be naive you post 96 are far from safe once they get this think you will be safe not a chance your hours and money will be cut your contract will be useless


  • stand together everyone don’t be decided without mandate we all have no future.


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