Tesco announce €8,180 million turnaround in one year…while forcing cuts to workers’ wages and conditions of employment

Mandate Trade Union today (Wednesday, 13th April) condemned Tesco Ireland for continuing their plans to change conditions of employment for 1,000 of their workers without agreement, despite announcing an adjusted operating profit of €1.2bn today.

The company is also refusing to fully implement the terms of a Labour Court Recommendation which awarded a 2pc pay increase and a 1.5pc share bonus payment for all workers in the company.

Tesco workers are facing cuts to their wages of at least 15pc in a matter of weeks while the company continues to make an estimated €200m in profit from its Irish operations.

Gerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary said:

“It’s extremely disappointing that Tesco Ireland have decided to continue their attacks on their own workers despite today’s very positive figures from their operations in the UK and Ireland.

“We’ve been inundated with calls and messages from members asking whether Tesco has withdrawn its threat to attack their conditions now that the company has announced these figures, but unfortunately we’ve seen no indications that Tesco will be backing down,” he said.

“No doubt this will be extremely worrying for all workers in Tesco – seeing that the company has performed so successfully yet they are proceeding with their cost cutting agenda.”

He added, “If they are achieving these profits but continue their attack on conditions of employment for 1,000 of their longest serving staff, you’d wonder who their next target is.

Mr Light concluded by saying, “It’s unfortunate that management refuse to acknowledge the contribution their workers have made to the success of the business in the past 12 months.”

Further video and written communications to members will be issued tomorrow.

Meanwhile balloting for industrial action will continue all across the country over the coming days.


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  • Dear sir / madam As an Employe of Tesco and a member of Mandate trade union for the last 18 years I think if the company stand down on the current issues and award Labour relations recommendations it is only a matter of time before these issues will be raised again I think the current release of company performance And profits Is bad timing For Tesco Ireland and lack of Forsyth on their behalf I feel the union should push on with the ballad in relation to any furtther changes the company may wish to implement on their employees in relation to wages working practices and roster changes Should be in conjunction with union officials only then can this be offered to their employees on a voluntary basis I think as a union we have to be proactive in predicting what the next move will be and be prepared to deal with the issues that will proceed regards colm drew


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