Mandate members vote for strike action in Tesco

Company agree attendance at the Workplace Relations Commission.

Almost 1,000 Mandate Trade Union members in Tesco Ireland have voted emphatically in favour of industrial action by a margin of 99pc. With a turnout of 85% of all pre-1996 staff, Mandate believes the ballot result sends a strong message to Tesco that they cannot simply cut wages or conditions of employment for their workers without agreement.

Meanwhile, on the day Mandate members have voted for strike action, Tesco has now accepted an invitation to attend the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) for a conciliation conference.

Mandate say they are cautiously welcoming Tesco’s commitment to attend the WRC but it must be with the intention to genuinely engage.

Gerry Light, Mandate Trade Union Assistant General Secretary said, “We’ve now served notice on the company that our members intend to strike in the event the company proceeds with their plans to cut wages or alter the contracts of employment without agreement.”

He added, “It’s a pity it took until the declaration of our ballot before the company accepted the invitation to attend the WRC, especially when you consider we wrote to the company more than a month ago. It seems the company was waiting for the result of the ballot before they agreed to engage, but better late than never.”



  • It looks like only pre96 staff matters to mandate


  • About time tesco took its head out of its fantasy world and treat its loyal staff pre 96 right up to its later staff with the respect and dignity they all deserve after all its the staff that make tesco the success thier are now wake up tesco and listen to your loyal staff


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