“Tesco are bullying us”, say long-serving staff

Mandate Trade Union has today (Wednesday, 20th April 2016) condemned Tesco management in the strongest possible way for their behaviour towards their longest serving staff after reports of bullying are being received from members throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Mandate say they have been inundated with calls from Tesco workers who are distraught because of the pressure management are putting on them to leave the company.

Tesco management have told staff employed before 1996 that they will experience pay cuts of up to 35pc and have their rosters and hours changed on May 16th if they don’t accept a redundancy package today. The official deadline was yesterday, 19th April 2016 – but the company has changed it again in an effort to force workers out of their jobs.

“They’re telling workers who have been with them for more than 20 years that unless they accept a redundancy package, they will have their conditions of employment changed without agreement,” said Gerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary.

“Tesco management were offered an invitation by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), to engage in talks on 25th April and whilst the union accepted, remarkably the company are now refusing to attend until May 2nd. Clearly the reason for this is to create more time in order to sow seeds of confusion and heap more pressure on their workers to leave,” said Mr Light.

“This type of behaviour is something you’d expect from a schoolyard bully, not from one of the most profitable multi-national retailers in the world.”

Mr Light continued, “To leave your employees with such uncertainty over their future is reprehensible and management should hang their heads in shame,” he said.

“We’re talking about people’s livelihoods; their ability to feed their families and put a roof over their heads. Workers who have given the last 20 years and in some cases 40 years of their lives to this company, are being treated with such disrespect and contempt.”

Mr Light said the company has been issuing a constant stream of threats and timelines which is having a detrimental impact on the mental health of their workers.

“We’re calling on Tesco to take some responsibility and show some decency towards their staff who have helped build this company to what it is today. Our members have had enough of management’s despicable treatment and if Tesco think they can treat their longest serving staff like this, then we’d have some serious concerns as to how they will attempt to treat the rest of their workers in the future,” concluded Mr Light.


  • Tesco are known as being bullies across the board but let me let tell you keep doing your daily work in a safe and controlled manner and report all issues in writing we are stronger together
    Please keep strong and we will let them know we will not be bullied in any way


  • Mandate please help us win our t&c.. Please do more for us gerry please..


  • Well said … I had the worst day ever yesterday in my 20+ years with Tesco feeling pressured into something that I didn’t want to do but thankfully I didn’t give in to them but I would be lying if I didn’t say I nearly took it out of fear and to say that im starting to hate the company I’m with since im 17yrs of age is an under statement it’s wrong it’s all wrong shame on them they will not win with their mind games I will not allow them to ruin my life any more if anything Tesco have made me STRONGER with their threats and I am staying to fight for ‘MY’ terms and conditions . Keep up the fight mandate and thank you.


  • Shame,shame,shame on Tesco.


  • Hi i agree with all you have said as you know i am on long term illness since sept 2014 and i have not been offered anything from tesco only that they can sack me at anytime because i have been out through illness so long dose anybody know where i stand .25 years with company joined the security dept still on Quinnsworth contract was never given a tesco contract can anybody give me any advice on same.regards michael.


  • This post has to go to the Rte NEWS A.S.A.P


  • I am extremely disappointed with the response I received from Mandate staff when I called last week. I phoned to seek advice about the offer of redundancy and to check whether there would be a likelihood of a better offer. I was told that redundancy was not being tabled by the union and that they are only interested in those who want to stay with the company. This resulted in me and many of my colleagues chosing to accept the current redundancy deal on offer.
    Where does this leave those of us who wish to take this opportunity to exit but who want to stay til the end with our colleagues til a successful outcome is achieved. I have paid my union dues for close on.40 years and it seems that Mandate are just as guilty as Tesco for dividing and fragmenting staff. Mandate should be there for all staff and should assist staff to get the best deal. I have not felt bullied by Tesco management in my store, but I certainly feel that those of us who wish to exit are not being treated fairly by Mandate.


  • Personally I think the union in Tesco is brutal, to say the least, nobody in the union gave a thought for us when we lost our Christmas bonus it was only when the pre 1996 came under threat we got a mention, if Tesco weren’t going after the others we wouldn’t have mattered, all the union is worried about is the drop in contributions


  • No surprise, Tesco are only for themselves, always have been, always will be, don’t give a toss about their employees and will do anything to protect themselves. I am a former employee, who was bullied while I worked there, and got no support or help from management because they were too worried about covering themselves!!! Would love to see them go bankrupt!!!


  • Hi I left a comment yesterday but it has not appeared on your page. I am wondering if it was because I was challenging Mandate that you have decided not to post it? I am very annoyed by the lack of support from Mandate for those of us who have decided to take the opportunity to exit the company. We have been forced to make decisions without support from our Union. I telephoned last week and was told that Mandate was not interested in discussing about redundancy as they are not proposing or “tabling” it as an option. I was told they are only interested in those who want to stay. I have paid my Union dues for 40 years and feel very let down and abandoned by Mandate. I would have liked to have stayed til the end to support my colleagues and get a union negotiated package but your lack of support Not Bullying by Tesco has caused me and many of my colleagues to leave prematurely


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