Mandate members vote overwhelmingly in favour of supportive strike at Tesco

Mandate Trade Union members in Tesco Ireland stores where the company has threatened cuts to pay and conditions of employment have today (Sunday, 8th May 2016) voted by a margin of 88 percent in favour of supportive industrial action.

Tesco plan on implementing pay cuts of between 15-35 percent for long-serving staff members on the 16th May 2016. They also intend to alter other conditions of employment without agreement, but Mandate now say that if those changes occur, there will be pickets on all affected stores throughout the Republic of Ireland.

On the 15th April 2016, approximately 1,000 workers directly affected by the proposed cuts voted to take industrial action by a margin of 99pc. Todays’ vote is a supportive ballot of members working in those stores and Mandate say it very clearly shows the level of solidarity among all Tesco workers.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary said: “This result sends an emphatic message to Tesco Ireland that this is a unified workforce and if you come after one group of workers, the others will be there to back them up. Our members see this attack on their colleagues as an attack on themselves and they’re prepared to stand and fight against the blatant unfairness of Tesco’s actions.”

He added, “They also know that if Tesco get away with this now, they are next in the firing line.”

Mandate say strike notice will be served on the company tomorrow morning.

Mandate will attend the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) tomorrow in an attempt to resolve the matters in dispute.


  • Hi my name is Sandra, im out of work, with a serious back problem. I am going to the hospital for a scan next week. And I will finally begetting much needed physiotherapy. I can only stand 4 tree minutes and then I have to sit down. I left the in a doctor’s note for two weeks and their paying me. I will not be able 2 attend. I feel like I am letting my colleagues down. I am totally supporting this, but I can’t be there. I am so sorry, best of luck Stand Together. Wish I could attend.


  • Please do not forget personnel on long term illness we also work for the company and got them to where they are today we are not sick by choice and nobody seem to give a dame about us.nothing on media or from unions about us i served the company for 25 years and nothing from anybody about us it is as if we were never there it seems that we are left with no option but to go legal with our issues as we here nothing from unions about us remember we were there and we will be back and then we will have our say ? do not forget us because we will not forget.regards Michael Donohoe.


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