Tesco strike from Monday (16th May), confirms Mandate Trade Union

Mandate Trade Union has confirmed that pickets will be placed on more than 70 Tesco outlets across the Republic of Ireland following the company’s confirmation that they will be implementing pay cuts and changes to conditions of employment for up to 300 of their staff on Monday morning (16th May 2016).

The Union says Tesco has the capacity to prevent the strike by withdrawing their threat to cut workers’ wages without agreement or by attending the Labour Court for a hearing on the matters in dispute.

Tesco management are attempting to force through changes to workers’ conditions of employment including:

  • 15-35% pay cuts.
  • The slashing of overtime.
  • Cuts to Sunday and unsociable hours premiums from double pay to time and a half.
  • A reduction in the annual bonus.
  • Changes to rosters.

Mandate say Tesco’s campaign of attacks on workers with more than 20 years service is disgraceful.

Gerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary said, “Tesco management are forcing changes to contracts for workers employed before 1996. These changes will seriously undermine living standards for our members who have mortgages and other commitments which were made on the back of their conditions of employment over the last 20-30 years.”

He added, “Tesco is an extremely profitable employer making more than €200 million in profits in the Republic of Ireland, and now they’re attacking the very people who built the company to what it is today.”

Mandate say many of the Tesco workers have phoned the union in tears over the treatment they are receiving from the company. Reports from members say they are being pressured into leaving the business or face the prospect of severely reduced living standards.

Mr Light said, “Despite the anxiety and stress perpetrated by the company on their own employees, hundreds of our members have remained in the business and are prepared to fight to maintain their conditions of employment.”

More than 99pc of pre-1996 staff voted to take industrial action in a ballot last month. Last Sunday 88pc of their colleagues in pre-1996 stores not affected by the cuts balloted in favour of supportive industrial action.

Mr Light concluded, “Tesco’s actions are a worry for all of our members in the company. They are tearing up contracts of employment and implementing changes without agreement and if they get away with doing this to their longest serving members of staff, who will be next?”

Pickets will be placed at more than 70 Tesco stores throughout Ireland from 7am on Monday morning. The pickets will remain in place until Tesco Ireland reverses their cuts or confirms attendance at the Labour Court.


  • Well comrades. Just a link to a post on Facebook as a pre96 member and the feelings from post96 also.

    David Beattie


  • We going in strike.and loosing money at that day!.,the other staff have day off,and money in the pockets…????


  • Few story from staff working as 20 to 30 years service.
    I seen my customers baby from day one to as adulthood they are happy to bring there children to introduce to me.so touching filling.trying my filling as my side my children say my mum tesco they not saying my mum or dad work there OURTESCO my parents get money to look after me and my family. Working long time we have life style balance to go day by day second to second we are dependent all as happy routing .cut wages facing all type of mental health and causing other problem fincely. No more filling left


  • Solidarity 💝


  • Solidarity and best wishes from PCS trade Union in Wales. Our members in the National Museum Wales have been on all out strike for a number of weeks due to the employer attempting to rip up contracts, force a 15% pay cut to the lowest paid ( av earning 15k) wanting to force them to pay for a financial crisis they didn’t cause. All the best for your dispute. Together we’re stronger. United you will win!


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