WRC Update for Mandate members in Tesco

To: All Mandate members employed in Tesco Ireland

RE: Planned forced changes to contracts of employment in Tesco Ireland

Dear member,

After another 14 hours of negotiations in the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), talks broke down early this morning following the company’s refusal to provide any evidence showing that changes to contracts of employment for any Tesco workers are necessary. As outlined previously, these changes will have a detrimental impact on workers’ incomes and conditions of employment with some workers suffering a 25% loss in wages.

Once again Tesco has failed to confirm their attendance at the Labour Court for an impartial third party hearing despite this being an integral part of their agreements with Mandate Trade Union. Furthermore, they have failed to agree attendance at the Labour Court despite being requested to do so by the WRC and this should be a serious concern for all Mandate members in Tesco Ireland.

At this crucial stage it is important for you and your fellow members to ask yourself whether or not you are prepared to allow your employer to change yours or your colleagues’ terms and conditions without agreement or justification. If this is allowed to happen now, there will undoubtedly be serious implications for you in the future.

Tesco’s reluctance to attend the Labour Court is because they cannot justify the drastic changes they are threatening. Instead, Tesco has requested more time to consider whether they will attend the Labour Court, which is totally unacceptable and is causing enormous distress and uncertainty for our members.

Tesco management can avoid any future industrial action by either withdrawing their threats to force changes to contracts of employment without agreement or by attending the Labour Court.

In the absence of Tesco confirming attendance at the Labour Court or withdrawing their threats to cut conditions of employment, pickets will be placed at the affected stores throughout the Republic of Ireland this Thursday, 26th May 2016 at 7am for an indefinite duration.

Your relevant union official will be in contact with your strike committee to ensure all necessary arrangements are in place in order to mount effective pickets.

Yours fraternally,

Gerry Light

Mandate Assistant General Secretary

One comment

  • Well done to mandate for backing the workers ,not like ASDAW no backbone in NI sold the workers out ,didn’t commicate to the people that pays there wages ,had to read about are pay lost in the papers


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