A message from Mandate General Secretary to Tesco workers 7-2-17

7 February 2017

To all Tesco Members

RE: Update on Ballots

Dear Members,

As you are probably aware, the first phase of Mandate ballots in Tesco locations across Ireland were concluded last night. I am delighted to inform you that over seventy percent (70%) of your fellow members have decided in ballots to support their union and their pre 96 colleagues. By voting for industrial action, they are protecting their voice at work and their long term conditions of employment into the future.

This amazing vote was delivered despite an all-out campaign by local management and Tesco Head Office to interfere with the democratic process of your union.

I know that the last weeks or so have not been easy for you and your colleagues, but I urge you to attend your meeting and listen to the debate before you vote. The decision you make will be one of the most important decisions with regard to the future of not only your existing terms and conditions, but the future of decent work, dignity and respect in Tesco.

Yours fraternally

For Mandate Trade Union

John Douglas
General Secretary

One comment

  • stand together everybody don’t be devided remember what mandate has got for us over the years shoulder to shoulder solidarity.


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