Mandate welcomes Tesco Ireland agreement to engage in ‘without prejudice’ talks

The Mandate Trade Union has this afternoon welcomed Tesco Ireland’s agreement to enter into ‘without prejudice’ talks with a view to settling the current dispute over contracts for pre-1996 workers at the company. Currently eight stores in Dublin, Kerry, Meath, Offaly and Wicklow are on strike with a further eight joining the dispute tomorrow in Dublin, Monaghan and Wicklow.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary, said that he has been in contact with the company with a view to setting up a meeting over the coming days.

“Whilst we welcome Tesco Ireland’s response to our offer of ‘without prejudice’ talks we are also cautious as the company has said that the solution to the dispute ‘is as set out by the Labour Court in its recommendation’. However, as we have pointed on a number of occasions to Tesco Ireland an solution to this dispute cannot be found totally within the confines of the recommendation as it currently stands.” 

Having expressed this note of caution, John Douglas acknowledged that Tesco Ireland’s decision to enter into ‘without prejudice’ talks was a positive development in the dispute. He also reiterated his union’s gratitude to the public for their strong support for the strikers over recent days.

“The striking workers have been very heartened by the great public support they have received and on their behalf and that of Mandate I want to offer our sincere thanks to all concerned,” John Douglas concluded.

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