After current round of ballots over 2,000 Tesco workers in 22 stores will be on strike from next week with 52% voting for strike

Mandate Trade Union says it assumes that Tesco Ireland instigated IBEC’s withdrawal from tomorrow’s scheduled meeting between Labour Court, IBEC and ICTU 

Company’s own figures show that striking stores are down over 80% in sales while non-striking stores business has fallen by up to 30%

The Mandate Trade Union has said that after the current round of ballots over 2,000 Tesco workers in 22 stores will be on strike from next week – the strike began with only eight stores – with more stores due to be balloted next week. The majority of workers balloted to date – almost 52% — have voted in favour of strike action.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary explained that this evening the Tesco workers in Sligo Town agreed to join the industrial being taken to ensure that new contracts aren’t imposed on colleagues without their agreement.

“Strike notice has been served and these workers will begin picketing from Wednesday, 1 March next. We are in the process of arranging for more ballots to take place next week after requests have come in from the workers in the stores concerned.”

Mr Douglas said that it was disappointing but not surprising that IBEC have announced their withdrawal from tomorrow afternoon’s scheduled meeting between the Labour Court, IBEC and ICTU. He said that he understands that ICTU intends to attend the Labour Court meeting nonetheless.

“We in Mandate can only assume that IBEC’s announcement that it has withdrawn from tomorrow’s meeting – which was due to look at ways of resolving this dispute – was at Tesco Ireland’s instigation, which is of course highly ironic given their mantra-like references to the Labour Court in recent times. This behaviour forms part of a consistent pattern by the company over the past year.”

John Douglas said that Tesco Ireland seems determined to continue to damage their own business, to inflict hardship on their staff and small retailers, as well as impose inconvenience on the public in order to crush Mandate Trade Union.

“Tesco Ireland’s own data – which Mandate has had sight of – shows that the company is not only alienating large sections of its own staff it is also doing the same to many of its customers who have seen through the company’s spin and are avoiding Tesco stores in their droves. The company’s own figures show that stores currently being picketed are over 80% down in sales while stores that are not on strike have lost up to 30% of their business. This is all in pursuit of their union-busting Project Black which is to create a union-free company where workers have no protection. They will not succeed,” Mr Douglas concluded.

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