Mandate to suspend Tesco strike

The below letter has been issue by Mandate Trade Union to all Tesco workers involved in industrial action:

“To all Mandate members in the 16 Tesco Stores on Strike, the 6 Stores joining the strike on 3 March all Pre 1996 Members:  

Dear Member,

Late this evening an invite was received from the Labour Court inviting the parties together with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the employers group IBEC to attend discussions in the Labour Court regarding the current dispute. During the course of these discussions the Labour Court requested the following and the parties agreed: 

  • That Tesco Ireland Ltd refrain from unilaterally imposing changes to the pre 96 contracts for the duration of the process.
  • That Mandate Trade Union suspend its picketing of all Tesco locations as and from tonight 24 February 2017 and that pickets due to be placed on 3 March 2017 are also suspended for the duration of the process.
  • That both parties agree that there will be an orderly and peaceful return to work and that there are no recriminations either by or against staff or management as a result of the dispute to date.
  • Both representative organisations, ICTU and IBEC and their affiliates will enter intense discussions under the auspices of the Labour Court to continue to work for a permanent solution to this dispute.

I would like to thank all of you for your personal resolve and solidarity during this most difficult time, we will keep you fully appraised of all developments as the discussion proceeds.

Yours in solidarity

For Mandate Trade Union

John Douglas

Mandate General Secretary”

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