Industrial Relations Update

Pay & Benefits Claim 2017

Please note that Mandate Trade Union lodged a pay claim on Tesco Ireland Ltd for a substantial cost of living increase as and from April 2017.  Tesco failed to directly respond to your Union on your pay claim, instead preferring to react by implementing without your agreement a 2% pay increase.  Mandate has referred your pay claim to the Workplace Relations Commission but to date Tesco has failed to respond and we now intend to refer the claim to the Labour Court as per the Union/Company agreement.

There are a number of other benefit improvements which we are seeking as part of this claim in addition to a cost of living increase, these include;

More permanent full-time jobs and improvement to the Union/Company Banded Hours Agreement so as to further improve certainty of members’ earnings.

An agreed mechanism to achieve pay equality for all Tesco workers by the creation of a Single Higher Pay Scale for all employees.

Justice for the 200

For the last three pay agreements Tesco has refused to apply the annual cost of living increases (2% per year x 3) to over 200 of your longer serving fellow members and colleagues.  This is discriminatory and unfair, all workers are entitled to an annual cost of living pay increase (we understand that even managers were awarded this increase).  Mandate will not allow Tesco to pick and choose who they believe are entitled to cost of living increases – the obvious danger is that it could be you next time.  Therefore this issue has been referred to the Labour Court.

Fallout from the February 2017 Strike

There are a number of your fellow members who are being unfairly targeted with disciplinary hearings and sanctions because of their support for their fellow Tesco colleagues and Union members.  Mandate continues to vigorously defend these workers against injustice.

Tesco Ireland Ltd post-strike reaction

Tesco have stopped all Union payroll deductions from your fellow Union members who either went on strike, supported the strike or intended joining the strike.  This is a direct attack by Tesco on workers and their right to be in and be active in a Trade Union, they have also refused to put new employees up on union payroll deductions, all this is an attempt to weaken your voice at work so as to put management in position as the sole decider of all things regarding your future wages and conditions.

Pre ’96 Dispute

The Labour Court recently invited the parties to give an update on developments to the Court.   While Mandate attended the Labour Court, Tesco chose to give a written update.  Based on these updates the Labour Court wrote to both parties offering new alternative ways by which the Court might assist the parties’ resolve all outstanding issues, unfortunately Tesco responded negatively to the Court’s suggestions.

Banded Hours Bill and Dail Eireann

We continue to lobby all political parties in the Dail to secure support for a Banded Hours Legislation which would give all workers in retail and beyond a right to contracts of employment which reflect the hours they actually work, thereby removing the ability of management to manipulate working hours to disadvantage workers earnings and schedules.  We believe we are close to securing the necessary support from TDs and in the near future we will be calling on you to lobby local politicians for support.

Training and Education Programme 2017

In September 2017 Mandate will roll out our new Shop Stewards / Activists Training Programmes.  They are planned for every city/town across Ireland and will be of great assistance in improving activists’ organising skills.  The courses will be in short modules of 3 hours delivered over a number of weeks.

Together we are stronger

Fighting for Decent Jobs and Respect for all Retail Workers

One comment

  • Not surprised Tesco are taking this stance.Employers will try this divide and conquer if they think they’ll get away with it. I came very similar when I worked in Dunne Stores over twenty years ago. We stuck together and forced Dunnes into a collective agreement. There is strength in numbers, trust each other and your union. Stay strong together and you will succeed. Solidarity to all .


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