Tesco pay campaign receives huge support

Mandate’s Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light gives an update on the pay & benefits campaign to date. Sign the endorsement here.



I want to give you a quick update on your 2019 pay and benefits claim that was served on your employer Tesco Ireland just over 3 weeks ago. In that short period of time thousands of you have shown your support for the claim by endorsing it through the various means that we have made available. Indeed it would not be an over statement to say that the response so far is beyond what has ever been achieved before.

It is clear from this reaction that you and your fellow union members employed in Tesco Ireland believe in what the claim is trying to achieve. You want the right to determine what you think are the most appropriate terms and conditions for the job you do and importantly in this regard you are not prepared any longer to have a highly profitable employer make these crucial decisions for you. You should not doubt the ability of the Tesco business to afford your claim as only last week the media was full of reports outlining a 22% rise in pre-tax profits to £1.6 billion on the back of sales that have risen 12% to £64.5 billion. It’ about time your employer not only recognises but rewards staff for the vital role they have played in delivering these impressive results. Your support for the claim also indicates that you want the introduction of greater equality of treatment, particularly when it comes to pay.

Regrettably but not surprisingly you employer so far has not responded to two letters sent by your union requesting a meeting to consider the claim. Against this reality the question is quite simple. Are you and your fellow union members who work in Tesco Ireland prepared to be treated in such a dismissive fashion? If the answer is no then make sure you endorse the claim now and encourage others to do so.

Be under no illusion every time we receive an additional individual endorsement from you the members your claim is strengthened even further and it becomes more possible to achieve. So the message is clear, if you haven’t done so already endorse the claim today. You cannot leave this to your fellow union members to do because after all everybody will benefit when we successfully deliver on the various aspects of the claim.

Remember you can endorse the claim in the following ways

  • By clicking on the Tesco Workers Together website
  • By completing the section of the text that was sent to your mobile
  • By requesting a hard copy from your Shop Steward, Union Official or Organiser

Even though we have had a brilliant start to your pay and benefits campaign it now time to drive it on to the next level. Despite the huge response so far by you the members we now need to ensure that we obtain the biggest amount of individual endorsements possible. I am confident we will achieve this outcome and when we do it will send a clear message to your employer that you the workers are determined to win the best terms and conditions achievable through direct and meaningful negotiations with your Union. And remember by endorsing the campaign you clearly prove

Together we are Stronger.

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