Join the campaign for better work in Tesco

Dear Tesco worker & Mandate member,

Just a reminder that your union Mandate launched the 2019 Pay and Benefits Claim for all Tesco members in March of this year. Remarkably almost 60% of our members in Tesco have signed up in support of the claim. Just think about that for a moment that’s almost 6,000 workers!

It is crucially important, if we want to achieve the objectives contained within the claim, that all Tesco workers endorse them in a show of strength to the company.

From the very start the claim attracted significant support from amongst the members and as the weeks go by the word has spread about the claim along with an understanding of how it will improve the living standards of all Tesco workers which is the reason why and more and more members are endorsing it.

We are certain that the momentum achieved so far will continue however you cannot leave it to your fellow members to do the heavy lifting for you and that is why if you haven’t endorsed the claim so far you should do so today by clicking here: After all everyone will benefit therefore it is only fair that everyone takes the opportunity to support and drive the claim to a successful outcome.

Mandate will be hosting meetings and will be escalating the claim over the coming months and we look forward to your continued support.

Yours in solidarity,

Gerry Light

Mandate Assistant General Secretary



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