Tesco member update – 17/12/2021

An update from Mandate General Secretary Gerry Light for all Tesco Ireland members

“Hello, following my last video that dealt with the emphatic rejection of the Workplace Relations Commission proposals I want to give you a short update as to what has happened since.
As you know prior to meeting the company again I outlined the need for an intensive consultation exercise with you the members in order to determine where we go from here. In this regard I am glad to inform you that this has kicked off and divisional meetings have already taken place with most store based Shop Stewards. In the main these meetings have been very constructive and the feedback will be central to the next stage of negotiations with your employer.
Further to this we also intend to conduct a survey of the members and hold a national Shop Stewards meeting on the 18th January 2022. It is important to point out that the information gathered as part of the survey will be treated in the most confidential way possible, in fact participants will not be required to identify themselves in any way. As I have said already one of the objectives of the survey will be to try and establish the extent to which premium payments are being relied upon by our members in order to earn a decent weekly wage.
Since I spoke to you last your employer has written seeking immediate reengagement prior to Christmas. Whilst we are committed to an orderly negotiating process in the future to re-nter one at this time would seriously undermine the commitment of genuine consultation that we have given to you the members and deny you the opportunity to influence future negotiations. We have sent back an appropriate response and a copy of both letters will be directly sent to you the members by text.
Following the ballot result and the Shop Steward meetings that have taken place so far I am more convinced than ever that the spirit of solidarity is alive and well amongst our members in Tesco and there is a genuine understanding that by acting together in common purpose within your union that we can and will bring about a satisfactory conclusion to the outstanding negotiations that have to be completed with your employer.

Thank you for listening and stay safe

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