Mandate & Tesco to attend Labour Court

Dear Member

As you are aware Mandate entered into national pay and benefit talks with Tesco in January 2022, following the overwhelming rejection of the Workplace Relation Commission (WRC) proposals in December 2021.

Subsequently aNational Shop Steward meeting was held in early January 2022 where nine shop stewards were elected to a new National Negotiating Team – one representing each Division of the Union.

Mandate also conducted a number of regional activist meetings and a membership survey prior to recommencing national negotiations with Tesco at the WRC.

Both Mandate and SIPTU representatives attended the talks again on the 22nd February, 28th February and finally on the 9th March in effort to reach agreement. However, agreement could not be reached so in line with our procedural agreement with the company the claim was referred to the Labour Court.

Mandate has now been notified by the Labour Court that the hearing will take place on Tuesday, 17th May 2022 at 10am.

In advance of the Labour Court hearing it is imperative that all Tesco workers who are not members of Mandate join today. Please contact any non-member you know and tell them to join online at This will help strengthen our claim which you will find here.

If your store does not have a Shop Steward, a House Committee or a Health and Safety Representative and you are interested in participating in the Union within your store, please contact your local Union Office for further details (List of Union Offices Attached) on how you canbecome more active in your location.

Yours fraternally

Jonathan Hogan

Assistant General Secretary

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