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Mandate & Tesco to attend Labour Court

Dear Member

As you are aware Mandate entered into national pay and benefit talks with Tesco in January 2022, following the overwhelming rejection of the Workplace Relation Commission (WRC) proposals in December 2021.

Subsequently aNational Shop Steward meeting was held in early January 2022 where nine shop stewards were elected to a new National Negotiating Team – one representing each Division of the Union.

Mandate also conducted a number of regional activist meetings and a membership survey prior to recommencing national negotiations with Tesco at the WRC.

Both Mandate and SIPTU representatives attended the talks again on the 22nd February, 28th February and finally on the 9th March in effort to reach agreement. However, agreement could not be reached so in line with our procedural agreement with the company the claim was referred to the Labour Court.

Mandate has now been notified by the Labour Court that the hearing will take place on Tuesday, 17th May 2022 at 10am.

In advance of the Labour Court hearing it is imperative that all Tesco workers who are not members of Mandate join today. Please contact any non-member you know and tell them to join online at This will help strengthen our claim which you will find here.

If your store does not have a Shop Steward, a House Committee or a Health and Safety Representative and you are interested in participating in the Union within your store, please contact your local Union Office for further details (List of Union Offices Attached) on how you canbecome more active in your location.

Yours fraternally

Jonathan Hogan

Assistant General Secretary

Mandate Trade Union say Tesco security workers shocked by loss of jobs

Mandate Trade Union has said almost 100 Tesco security workers have been told their jobs will be lost by the end of the month as the company prepares to outsource their roles to OCS security services.

Mandate has said the deadline put to workers for a decision on their future of 1st March is “unrealistic” and “disrespectful.” The Union is calling on the company to drop their ultimatum.

Tesco security workers were called into meetings on Tuesday (8th Feb) and told their jobs were being outsourced with three options: severance payment; redeployment to other positions in their store, if available; or a transfer to OCS security services.

At a meeting of all security staff this morning, Keith Leonard, Tesco security officer in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, said:

“I’ve been spat at, threatened and beaten up for this company over the last 16 years. Then on Tuesday on my day off the company calls me to tell me my job is gone. It’s upsetting and disrespectful and we all deserve so much better.”

He added: “How do I look my family in the eye when the mortgage company comes to take away our home because Tesco took my livelihood away?”

Mandate say the company dropping this bombshell on their workers who have dedicated more than 30 years to the company in some instances is insulting.

“These are the ‘frontline’ and ‘essential’ workers we all celebrated at the start of the pandemic, and after all they’ve been through, they are now being told that they are disposable,” said Jonathan Hogan, Mandate Assistant General Secretary.

Mr Hogan said that Tesco must show some respect and engage in meaningful negotiations in relation to their security staff:

“Tesco has had a long relationship with Mandate Trade Union which has always represented the Tesco security staff and they know how they should do business. They should have come to us first before upsetting our members with news that their future is uncertain,” said Mr Hogan.

“They don’t know what types of contract they’ll be working on if they transfer to OCS, they don’t know if there are spaces in the stores they work in and they don’t know the implications of accepting a severance package. This all needs to be negotiated,” he said.

Mandate and Tesco management are scheduled to meet for negotiations this coming (Thurs, 17th Feb) to negotiate.

Tesco member update – 17/12/2021

An update from Mandate General Secretary Gerry Light for all Tesco Ireland members

“Hello, following my last video that dealt with the emphatic rejection of the Workplace Relations Commission proposals I want to give you a short update as to what has happened since.
As you know prior to meeting the company again I outlined the need for an intensive consultation exercise with you the members in order to determine where we go from here. In this regard I am glad to inform you that this has kicked off and divisional meetings have already taken place with most store based Shop Stewards. In the main these meetings have been very constructive and the feedback will be central to the next stage of negotiations with your employer.
Further to this we also intend to conduct a survey of the members and hold a national Shop Stewards meeting on the 18th January 2022. It is important to point out that the information gathered as part of the survey will be treated in the most confidential way possible, in fact participants will not be required to identify themselves in any way. As I have said already one of the objectives of the survey will be to try and establish the extent to which premium payments are being relied upon by our members in order to earn a decent weekly wage.
Since I spoke to you last your employer has written seeking immediate reengagement prior to Christmas. Whilst we are committed to an orderly negotiating process in the future to re-nter one at this time would seriously undermine the commitment of genuine consultation that we have given to you the members and deny you the opportunity to influence future negotiations. We have sent back an appropriate response and a copy of both letters will be directly sent to you the members by text.
Following the ballot result and the Shop Steward meetings that have taken place so far I am more convinced than ever that the spirit of solidarity is alive and well amongst our members in Tesco and there is a genuine understanding that by acting together in common purpose within your union that we can and will bring about a satisfactory conclusion to the outstanding negotiations that have to be completed with your employer.

Thank you for listening and stay safe

Tesco member update – 08/12/2021

An update from Mandate Trade Union General Secretary Gerry Light for all Tesco Ireland members:

“Hello, I wanted to take some time to reach out following the outcome of the recent national ballot on the Workplace Relations Commission proposals dealing with a new pay and reward model. There can be no doubt that the ballot outcome was both emphatic and decisive with 88% voting against adoption of the proposals. It is also important to note that the overall turn out in the ballot was unprecedented with record levels being recorded so I want to thank you all for making this a reality.

During the numerous instore ballot meetings that have taken place over the last number of weeks a sizeable amount of you have been very clear as to why the proposals were not acceptable. To your credit at all times this engagement was constructive and I want to reassure you that your views have been taken on board and they will influence the shape of where we go from here. We have listened and we have most certainly learned. In the letter that we issued to members immediately after the ballot count we promised deeper consultation with you the members and further to this I want to tell you that from next week divisional Shop Steward meetings will take place and these will be followed by a national survey of our Tesco members the results of which in turn will inform a national Shop Stewards meeting that will take place mid-January 2022. The purpose of the survey is not to ascertain your views on the WRC proposal as you have been very clear and unequivocal in this regard, but moreover to gain a better understanding of what arrangements are in stores which are not captured by or current collective agreement, such as working patterns etc.

Even at this stage two main messages have evolved from the balloting process. First, the model of pay consolidation as envisaged in the proposal document is totally unacceptable and second there is an urgent need for a pay increase that reflects the rapidly increasing levels in the cost of living and also the immeasurable contribution that you and your fellow workers have made to the Tesco Ireland business since the arrival of Covid-19. Remember our pay claim is still alive and we intend to deliver to the satisfaction of our members.

Since the announcement of the ballot result on Saturday certain things have been said and published externally some of which are not factual and I want to deal with that now

It is stated that your union went behind closed doors to stitch up a set of proposals. All of the negotiations with the company were carried out under the auspices of the Workplace Relations Commission this could hardly be described as acting behind closed doors.

A claim is being made that workers were excluded from the negotiations. Again this is simply not true, the voting members on the national negotiating team were made up of Tesco members who were Shop Stewards representing many of the various contract types across the Tesco business.

It is further claimed that the structure of the store based ballot meetings was akin to union busting tactics. The reason why these meetings were restricted in numbers was purely down to Covid safety regulations. In fact it has been clearly proven based on the overall turnout in the ballot that the manner in which the meetings were held resulted in greater membership participation and not less.

These are only a few of the matters commented on in recent days and it is important that you know the facts and not allow yourself to be drawn into the belief that because a set of proposals were rejected by the members that there is something fundamentally flawed in how your union operates. This has happened on many occasions in the past and it is central to the democratic process on which trade unions are structured.  Remember only union members acting in common purpose within their union retain the collective legal power to negotiate with their employer and this is something external parties cannot do. I want to reassure you that the focus of your union remains committed to securing from your employer a proposal that is ultimately acceptable to you the members. 

After nearly 5 years of non-engagement with your employer it is more than reassuring and uplifting to note the degree to which you the members actively engaged in solidarity with each other around the balloting process. From this point forward it is vitally important that this sense of renewed activism and solidarity is not only maintained but strengthened. To this end I would urge that you become more actively involved in union affairs at local level and also to encourage those who have not yet done so to join the union in order to ensure that we can strengthen our collective power at the negotiating table in the future. Regardless of what others might suggest your union has always and will continue to encourage this through coordinating the election of Shop Stewards, Health and Safety Reps and the establishment of House Committees, across all Tesco locations, as well as offering all our activists every support through our Divisional structures through the assistance of our training and development centre.

Since announcing the ballot result we have had no response from your employer so we have written to them requesting that they also carefully and respectfully listen to the key messages that have been fed back from the balloting process. We have also stressed the urgent need for them to meaningfully address your outstanding pay claim. The recent balloting process has shown the need and importance of coming together in common purpose. The solidarity shown across our membership during the balloting process has been positive and is something the Union needs to build on in order to support the future improvement of your terms and conditions of employment. Only as proud and active members of Mandate Trade Union supporting each other we can make sure this happens.

Thank you and stay safe.”

Your pay and benefits claim explained

Last April 2019, Mandate Trade Union lodged your claim for improvements to pay and conditions for all Tesco Ireland workers.

Despite more than 7,000 Tesco members backing the claim , management have completely ignored it.

Since then the company has instead made changes to pay without consulting you or your Union.

Last October Tesco decided you should only receive a 2% pay increase, and again this year they’ve decided you only deserve 2% while removing the 10% risk payment you were receiving for being an “essential worker” during COVID-19.

The question now needs to be asked, is the risk completely eradicated, or are you just not an “essential worker” anymore?

Your pay and benefits claim, if delivered, would significantly improve living standards for all Tesco workers, including pay increases, better & fairer scheduling, full time jobs and a voice at work.

Pay increases & The Living Wage

Currently there are three pay scales in Tesco Ireland depending on the year you were employed:

Year of employment Pre-1996 1997-2006 2006-present
Est. Number of workers 178 3,300 6,000
Top rate of pay €14.89 €16.12 €13.47

All new employees in Tesco start on a rate of €10.99 per hour, but it is Mandate’s belief that where an employer can afford it, workers should be paid the Living Wage of €12.30 per hour.

This figure is determined by an independent technical group comprising of researchers, academics and economists which seeks to “provide an adequate income to enable individuals to afford a socially acceptable minimum standard of living.”

The Living Wage has already been paid by some of Tesco’s competitors including Lidl, Aldi and IKEA. And the fact is, Tesco can certainly afford to pay it too (see below).

As we all know, the cost of living in Ireland is extremely high, with housing costs rising by more than 80% since their lowest point in 2013. Meanwhile, Tesco workers’ wages have only grown by 12%.

Two separate surveys of thousands of Mandate members in Tesco indicated that “pay equality” is very high on the agenda of workers with more than 90% saying they support it . The 2019 pay & benefits claim includes one new equal payscale which rewards workers for their loyalty and their experience.

While Tesco management would prefer to harmonise worker’s pay downwards, the 2019 Pay & Benefits Claim would give all workers the opportunity to move to the highest point on the pay scale. When you factor in a pay increase for 2020, that figure becomes €16.30 per hour.

What does this mean for you? Here are a few examples.

  • For example if you were employed in 2012 and you work 30 hours per week, it will mean an extra:
    • €2.83 per hour
    • €84.90 per week
    • €4,414 per year.

Here’s a chart that should help any post 2006 workers calculate what increase you would be entitled to should the claim be successful, including the annual benefit based on the hours they work.

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 10.33.53

Scheduling & hours

Pay rates are only one part of your weekly wage. Having secure hours and fair rostering is just as valuable. Your claim, based on feedback from Tesco members, is to seek fairer scheduling for a better work/life balance including greater certainty over working patterns and 4-week advance notice of rosters.

Is the claim affordable for Tesco Ireland?

Tesco do not disclose their profits in Ireland. The profits are, however, lumped in with the profits obtained in the UK. This gives us some information on how the business is doing across the two islands, but all indicators show Ireland is a far more profitable jurisdiction than the UK, so these figures are conservative estimates on how the business is doing.

Revenue & Sales

Tesco’s revenue across the UK & ROI has increased by 23% since 2016 – from £43bn to £53bn. Sales have also increased by 23% from £37bn to £45.7bn with an extra £8.5bn rolling through the cash registers.




The profits for the UK & ROI is where we see a real indication of how the company is doing. Between 2016 and 2020 the company has increased its operating profit by a staggering 226% – from £597m in 2016 to £1,944m (€2.15bn) in 2020.

Operating Profit

When you factor in Tesco has an extra 225 stores now compared to 2016, yet those stores operate with 14,610 less full-time equivalent workers, it means workers are doing more work and generating more revenue for the company than ever before.

No of stores

With the reduction in staff and the increase in profits combined, we see that the company went from a profit per employee in 2016 of £2,648 to £9,223 (€10,235 per employee). That’s an increase of almost 250%.

Profit PFTE


The company’s success has led to rewards. Unfortunately those rewards are not being shared adequately among workers, but are instead being distributed to shareholders and to senior management.

While there was no dividend issued in 2016 or 2017, since then, shareholders have had a massive increase in their rewards. Dividends increased from £3 per share in 2018, to £5.77 in 2019 and now £9.15 for 2020 (a 205% increase in three years).Dividend

To give you an idea of the impact this has, it means almost £900m in dividends is being paid out this year. That’s almost one billion euros.

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 11.15.48

From Tesco Annual Report

Executive pay

While workers received small pay increases in recent years, they simply do not compare with executive pay, either in percentage terms of in real terms.

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis received a 17.5% pay increase in 2017, moving his remuneration up to £4.9m (€5.4m).

Only a number of weeks ago, it was announced that Mr Lewis received a further 39% increase in pay bringing his salary up to £6.42m (€7.1m). That’s an overall pay increase of 59% in three short years.

The Tesco CEO now earns 355 times the wage of his lowest paid employee in the UK and 327 times the wage of the lowest paid employee in the Republic of Ireland.


While the full impact of COVID is yet to be seen, what we do know is that “overall grocery sales increased by a whopping 25.4% over the 12 weeks leading up to May 17, the fastest rate of growth recorded in more than 15 years.” The same figures show that alcohol sales are up 93%.

An earlier analysis showed that Tesco’s sales increased by 16.7% up to the 19th April, compared to the same period last year.

Kantar’s most recent analysis states: “Tesco also recorded formidable sales growth this month.  Its typically larger stores allowed it to capitalise on the increase in trolley shops and the grocer grew by 23.7% to hold 21.8% of the market.”

So it seems Tesco has weathered the COVID19 financial storm quite well.

Mandate Pay Claim

Mandate estimates that Tesco is generating between €250m and €370m in profit from its Irish operations. The full cost of implementing the pay and benefits claim, including increases in Employers’ PRSI, would come to approximately €27m, meaning the company would lose approximately 10% of its profits while its workers, the people who generate those profits, would experience drastic improvements to their living standards.

Remember, Tesco is paying a dividend to shareholders this year worth €1bn, or 27 times the amount this pay claim would cost.

We believe this is a fair and realistically achievable claim, should all workers stay united in their union and be prepared to take action if necessary. Of course, management will tell you that it is not possible. It’s in their interests to keep your pay low because the lower you’re paid, the more that’s in the pot for management.

Next steps

If you believe you and your colleagues are entitled to better pay and benefits at Tesco Ireland, and you support pay equality, better scheduling, the implementation of full time contracts and respect for your right to trade union representation, please take Mandate’s feedback survey by clicking here and reaffirm your belief that together we should pursue this pay claim.

Together we are stronger.

Mandate Update: Tesco workers push for national protest

Mandate members in Tesco Ireland are seeking a national protest with the potential for an escallation to industrial action if Tesco management continue to deny workers their right to representation.

Full statement by Gerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary:

In April of this year your pay and benefits claim for 2019 was launched. No doubt you are already aware of the details contained in the claim which are.

  • The creation of one equal pay scale which has the effect of moving everybody upwards in relation to what they currently earn.
  • Fairer scheduling for a better work life balance which means greater certainty over working patterns which means everyone gets a minimum a 4 week roster.
  • The creation of 1,000 full time jobs.
  • And most importantly to get your employer Tesco Ireland to fully respect and comply with all existing collective agreements negotiated in the past with your union, which means they accept your right to be individually and collectively represented by your union.

Make no mistake this last demand which calls for respect and dignity in the workplace is critical because without it your voice at work will be weakened over a surprisingly short period of time until it is silenced and ignored altogether. Of course management will tell you that you don’t need this power and that you are already in a great place to work. Over the past three years as Tesco have tried to derecognise your union you have all seen examples to show that nothing could be further from the truth.

As part of the campaign to support your current claim we gave each one of you the opportunity to individually endorse it. This you have done in your thousands, in fact your response has been exceptional and certainly without precedent. Not surprisingly despite being requested by your union to engage around the issues contained in the claim Tesco senior management have refused.

Last year a large group of key union activists from various Tesco stores around the country met to consider where we are in respect of your claim and what is required as a next step to achieve its objectives. It’s true to say that the mood at the meeting was a mixture of anger and determination. By a unanimous decision it was agreed that one final letter should be sent to the company requesting engagement on your claim.

In the event of the company continuing to ignore this reasonable request then the union should commence arrangements for a national public protest led by you the members supported by families, friends, communities, other trade unionists and political representatives. The main purpose of the protest will be to highlight the unacceptable way that Tesco have treated the Union and you its members over the past 3 years. Furthermore, it was unanimously decided that if this action does not bring Tesco to the negotiating table then we convene a national shop stewards meeting to discuss and decide on further actions up to and including industrial action at a time and manner of our choosing.

Whilst it is hoped that neither of these two actions will be necessary, if the behaviour of your employer over the past 3 years is anything to go by, then we must start to seriously make arrangements for them to happen and this work coordinated by your Shop Stewards, House Committees, Organisers and Officials will commence immediately at local store level.

At this stage we have taken all of the reasonable steps to try and get your employer to meaningfully engage with you through your union. It is clear after nearly 3 years that they are determined not to do so, equally you must be determined to show that you will not be treated like this any longer and that collectively you are prepared to bring your fight for respect and decency at work to a new level. This is what the thousands of union members who have endorsed the current claim want and whilst your employer thinks they can just ignore this reasonable demand your union does not and that’s why together we should be all determined to do something to bring about positive and lasting change for you and your fellow union members employed in Tesco Ireland.


We believe Tesco workers deserve better – do you?

Tesco members of Mandate Trade Union lodged a claim for improvements to pay and conditions of work for all Tesco workers on Wednesday, 3rd April 2019.

The claim would dramatically improve living standards for Tesco workers, including pay increases, fairer scheduling, full time jobs and a voice at work.

Pay Increases & The Living Wage

All new employees in Tesco start on an hourly rate of €10.56, but where an employer can afford it, like Tesco, workers should be paid the Living Wage of €11.90 per hour.

The Living Wage is determined by an independent technical group comprising of researchers, academics and economists and it seeks to “provide an adequate income to enable individuals to afford a socially acceptable minimum standard of living.”

As we all know, the cost of living in Ireland is extremely high, with housing costs rising by more than 80% since their lowest point in 2013. Meanwhile, most Tesco workers’ wages have only grown by 8%.

The Living Wage has already been paid by some of Tesco’s competitors including Lidl, Aldi and IKEA. Tesco can easily afford to pay it too.

Two separate surveys of thousands of Mandate members in Tesco indicated that “pay equality” is at the top on their agenda, with more than 90% supporting it. In order to achieve pay equality, we need to move workers towards one pay scale, as proposed by Mandate below.

Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 10.59.00

While Tesco management would prefer to harmonise workers’ pay downwards, which is already on their agenda (see pre-1996 dispute), the 2019 Pay & Benefits Claim would move all workers up to the highest point on the pre-2006 pay scale of €15.49 per hour. When you factor in a pay increase for 2019, that figure becomes €16 per hour.

What does this mean for you? Here are a few examples.

  • If you were employed after 2006 and you work 30 hours per week, it will mean an extra:
    • + €3.05 per hour
    • + €91.50 per week
    • + €4,758 per year.
  • If you were employed before 2006 and you work 35 hours per week, it mean an extra:
    • + €0.51 per hour
    • + €17.85 per week
    • + €928.20 per year

Here’s a chart that should help any post 2006 workers to calculate what increase you would be entitled to should the claim be successful.

Hourly benefit 20 hours 25 hours 30 hours 35 hours 40 hours Potential annual benefit
Year 1 €1.34 €26.80 €33.50 €40.20 €46.90 €53.60 €2,787.20
Year 2 €2.44 €48.80 €61.00 €73.20 €85.40 €97.60 €5,075.20
Year 3 €3.02 €60.40 €75.50 €90.60 €105.70 €120.80 €6,281.60
Year 4 €2.05 €41.00 €51.25 €61.50 €71.75 €82.00 €4,264.00
Year 6 €3.05 €61.00 €76.25 €91.50 €106.75 €122.00 €6,344.00

Is the Claim affordable for Tesco Ireland?

Tesco do not disclose their profits in Ireland. Instead they hide them within their UK figures. However, we can estimated profits using data from the Central Statistics Office and Eurostat, while also taking into account how they are doing across the UK and Ireland combined.

One indicator of how the company is doing is contained in a newspaper headline on 11th April 2019:

Tesco’s £2.2bn profit beats expectations on turnaround.”

The article continued:

“Releasing full-year results, Tesco said that its sales rose 11.3% to £56.9bn (€66.1bn) in the 12 months to February on a constant currency basis, while its operating profit surged 33.5% to £2.2bn (€2.5bn).”

In Ireland, its retail revenue, came to €2.68bn for 2018, compared to €2.57bn in the previous year, an extra €110 million.

The Irish chief executive, Kari Daniels, said the company had “increased volumes, transactions and basket sizes.”

So who is benefiting from these improvements? It seems senior executives are taking more than their fair share of the profits.

Earlier this month it was annouced that Tesco’s CEO Dave Lewis earned €5.21 million in 2018. For context, it would take a Tesco Ireland worker more than 200 years to earn what the CEO earned in just one year. That’s obscene.

Workers Wages

As for shareholders, they’re also getting their cut. Another article published in April stated: “Tesco doubles annual dividend as profits surge by a third.”

Tesco Performance

It is estimated that the company is generating between €250m and €370m in profit from its Irish operations. The full cost of implementing the Pay and Benefits Claim would come to approximately €37m, meaning the company would be required to share only 10-15% of its profits with its workers.


It is clear that Tesco is a highly profitable employer, generating enormous profits, dividends and generous pay packets for its executives, so it can certainly share some of those profits with its workers if it wished to. It won’t succumb without pressure from union members though.

Tesco’s strategy to date has been to divide workers and play one group against the other. They pitted pre-1996 workers against post-1996 workers where they are refusing to pay some workers an 8% pay increase.

Once Tesco have finished with this group of workers, they will go after the next cohort, the pre-2006 group who now earn €1.18 per hour more than the pre-1996 workers. After that, it’s the post-2006 group.

The Pay & Benefits Claim for 2019 is fair and achievable provided all workers stay united in their Union. Of course management will tell you that it is not possible. Obviously it’s in their interests to keep workers’ pay low. They will probably offer a 2% or a 3% pay increase which is entirely insufficient for a company making the enormous profits that Tesco are.

Next Steps

If you believe Tesco workers are entitled to better pay and conditions of employment, and you support the Pay & Benefits Claim for 2019, you can click here to express your support.

Together we are stronger.


Join the campaign for better work in Tesco

Dear Tesco worker & Mandate member,

Just a reminder that your union Mandate launched the 2019 Pay and Benefits Claim for all Tesco members in March of this year. Remarkably almost 60% of our members in Tesco have signed up in support of the claim. Just think about that for a moment that’s almost 6,000 workers!

It is crucially important, if we want to achieve the objectives contained within the claim, that all Tesco workers endorse them in a show of strength to the company.

From the very start the claim attracted significant support from amongst the members and as the weeks go by the word has spread about the claim along with an understanding of how it will improve the living standards of all Tesco workers which is the reason why and more and more members are endorsing it.

We are certain that the momentum achieved so far will continue however you cannot leave it to your fellow members to do the heavy lifting for you and that is why if you haven’t endorsed the claim so far you should do so today by clicking here: After all everyone will benefit therefore it is only fair that everyone takes the opportunity to support and drive the claim to a successful outcome.

Mandate will be hosting meetings and will be escalating the claim over the coming months and we look forward to your continued support.

Yours in solidarity,

Gerry Light

Mandate Assistant General Secretary



Tesco pay campaign receives huge support

Mandate’s Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light gives an update on the pay & benefits campaign to date. Sign the endorsement here.



I want to give you a quick update on your 2019 pay and benefits claim that was served on your employer Tesco Ireland just over 3 weeks ago. In that short period of time thousands of you have shown your support for the claim by endorsing it through the various means that we have made available. Indeed it would not be an over statement to say that the response so far is beyond what has ever been achieved before.

It is clear from this reaction that you and your fellow union members employed in Tesco Ireland believe in what the claim is trying to achieve. You want the right to determine what you think are the most appropriate terms and conditions for the job you do and importantly in this regard you are not prepared any longer to have a highly profitable employer make these crucial decisions for you. You should not doubt the ability of the Tesco business to afford your claim as only last week the media was full of reports outlining a 22% rise in pre-tax profits to £1.6 billion on the back of sales that have risen 12% to £64.5 billion. It’ about time your employer not only recognises but rewards staff for the vital role they have played in delivering these impressive results. Your support for the claim also indicates that you want the introduction of greater equality of treatment, particularly when it comes to pay.

Regrettably but not surprisingly you employer so far has not responded to two letters sent by your union requesting a meeting to consider the claim. Against this reality the question is quite simple. Are you and your fellow union members who work in Tesco Ireland prepared to be treated in such a dismissive fashion? If the answer is no then make sure you endorse the claim now and encourage others to do so.

Be under no illusion every time we receive an additional individual endorsement from you the members your claim is strengthened even further and it becomes more possible to achieve. So the message is clear, if you haven’t done so already endorse the claim today. You cannot leave this to your fellow union members to do because after all everybody will benefit when we successfully deliver on the various aspects of the claim.

Remember you can endorse the claim in the following ways

  • By clicking on the Tesco Workers Together website
  • By completing the section of the text that was sent to your mobile
  • By requesting a hard copy from your Shop Steward, Union Official or Organiser

Even though we have had a brilliant start to your pay and benefits campaign it now time to drive it on to the next level. Despite the huge response so far by you the members we now need to ensure that we obtain the biggest amount of individual endorsements possible. I am confident we will achieve this outcome and when we do it will send a clear message to your employer that you the workers are determined to win the best terms and conditions achievable through direct and meaningful negotiations with your Union. And remember by endorsing the campaign you clearly prove

Together we are Stronger.

Mandate launch Tesco Pay & Benefits Claim for 2019

Mandate’s Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light is today (Wednesday, 3rd April 2019) launching the 2019 Tesco Pay & Benefits Claim. All Tesco workers are encouraged to view the claim and support it by signing the linked petition. You can view the claim here and sign the petition here.

Full text of Mr Light’s video below…


It’s that time of year again when your union serves an annual pay and benefits claim on your employer Tesco Ireland. Such a claim is an effort to win recognition for the hard work and dedication shown by you the members to the Tesco business over the past 12 months.

In putting the various parts of the claim together we have been guided by you and your fellow members and the issues that you have identified as priorities through your active collective participation in recent national membership surveys. The claim was also recently endorsed by a national meeting of Shop Stewards.

This year the claim is as follows. On the issue of pay we are seeking the introduction of a pay scale with a starting point of no less than €11.90 per hour (Living Wage) and a top point of no less than €16.00 per hour. The introduction of this type of a structure will go a long way to ensure greater pay equality amongst all workers in Tesco which is something that is crucially important to many of you. We are also calling for the creation of 1,000 full time jobs along with fairer work roster scheduling and significantly full recognition of your right to be individually and collectively represented by Mandate Trade Union.

We believe the claim is both reasonable and achievable from a business that was only recently described by its CEO in a letter to staff as being in a “strong position”.

Do not underestimate the part of your claim that demands your right to be fully represented by your union. Over the past 3 years despite being formally requested to do so Tesco have failed to collectively engage in order to negotiate and agree your pay and other benefits. Instead management decided, without giving workers a say, what pay increase they believed you deserved. This year we must vow to bring this dangerous practice to an end for if we don’t your employer will ultimately end up determining the full range of terms and conditions that you will work for and more importantly how you will be treated whilst at work in the future. You along with your fellow union members have the absolute right to determine your value to the Tesco business and not have management decide it for you.

As late as two weeks ago your union, not for the first time, wrote to your employer seeking meaningful engagement. On Friday last we received a response which clearly fails to accept our invitation.

Be under no illusion come June of this year Tesco management is likely without any reference to you or your Union to announce a pay increase. But the claim I have just outlined is about more than a pay increase it goes to the very heart of being treated with dignity and respect at work and also ensures what you have you hold. Like any other claim it has a much greater chance of being successful if it belongs to and is supported and driven by you the members. Attached to this video you will find a link to an online petition which gives greater detail of this year’s pay and benefits claim along with an opportunity to declare your support for it. I would urge each and every one of you to complete the petition without delay. Your employer needs to know we are serious in our demands and this is the best way of leaving them in no doubt.

We are already seeing signs that our members are tiring of the way they have been treated by Tesco over the past 3 years. Prior to Christmas we witnessed 2 strikes in Sligo and Carrick-on-Shannon where your fellow members employed in those stores made a stand for decency and respect not only for themselves but for all of their fellow union members. The same level of fighting spirit is now required to support and deliver the pay and benefits claim which we intend to send to your employer today. As proven in the past none of the current terms and conditions that you currently have were won without a fight through the determination of our members acting collectively and sticking together in their union.

The same is true of the current claim which we all need to define as a turning point in the relationship with your employer when you the proud members of Mandate Trade Union use your collective power to ensure you are treated with the dignity and respect that you are entitled to.

So don’t forget sign the petition now and always remember together we are stronger.

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